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3SC Analytics BV

In the competitive business habitat, 3SC Analytics brings you customised solutions in supply chain analytics. A global supply chain analytics company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, we believe in having a customer-centric approach towards every analytics service that we offer. We catalyse your ability to work faster and stay agile, giving your organization a competitive edge it didn’t have before. Our data analytics initiatives emphasise on the predictive, prescriptive and descriptive domains of supply chain. Apart from data accuracy, speed and efficiency are the additional benefits that you will derive out of the highly advanced penetrating models designed by experienced supply chain professionals. We also design, build and run supply chain services through Global Control Tower powered by Big Data and Advanced analytics.


Working at KPN means working for the whole of the Netherlands. Our network is everywhere and connects everyone. This makes our impact great. So also our responsibility. The Netherlands of today and tomorrow relies on us. KPN is a company with an unprecedented diversity of talents and personalities. Together we find solutions that not only help our customers, but move the whole of the Netherlands forward. ​With dedication to continuous improvement.​ Of our network, our services and our way of working.


Beehive monitoring system that boosts productivity and honey yield to benefit the Earth through data-driven beekeeping. BeeSage software and devices such as Smart Beehive Scales help beekeepers increase honey yield by eliminating risks and enabling informed decisions. In the future we aim not only be the global leaders in beehive monitoring but also work with various stakeholders in regenerative agriculture and environmental protection. Our mission is enabling bees to share knowledge with humans through real-time data

Ortec Finance

We model and map the relevant uncertainties in order to help you monitor your goals and decisions. Founded by leading experts in the fields of Econometrics and Technology, we have in 35 years achieved an outstanding reputation, built on reliability. With over 500 clients in 20+ countries, we play a vital role in helping our clients improve investment decision making and managing uncertainty.

We design, build and deliver high-quality software models for asset-liability management, risk management, (impact investment) portfolio construction, performance measurement & attribution, and financial planning. Using the latest technology, data and market knowledge, we continuously find new ways, in collaboration with our global clients, to face the growing complexity of investment decision making.


We are visionary digital strategists, experienced software architects, leading data scientists and cloud engineers.
Code meets Creativity. Together with our customers we design, build and scale tailor-made software solutions, products and platforms to grow their digital business.


Some people call us a 'tech-savvy internet agency'​. Others just call us nerds. We prefer the latter. We just really love good coding. And working on impactful ideas. Together with companies like Rijksmuseum, Philips Hue, Efteling, PostNL, Volkskrant, Radio 538, Mazda and HEMA, we build apps, websites, connected devices, speech assistants, games, robots, AI and VR applications. But we also work on our own products (we call them ventures) such as Mibo and our non-profit startup Hack The Planet.

Sia Partners

Sia Partners is a next-generation management consulting firm and pioneer of Consulting 4.0. We offer a unique blend of AI and design capabilities, augmenting traditional consulting to deliver exceptional value to our clients. With 2500 consultants in 18 countries and expertise in more than 30 sectors and services, we optimize client projects worldwide. Through our Consulting for Good approach, we strive for next-level impact by developing innovative CSR solutions for our clients, making sustainability a lever for profitable transformation.

In 2009 the office in Amsterdam was opened, which is now situated in the Rembrandttoren with a great view from the 28th floor of Amsterdam. We focus on the following sectors: Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Marketing & Customer Experience, Data Science and HR, Transformation & Change. The Dutch team is experiencing strong growth and has now built up an impressive client portfolio, supported by and cooperating with colleagues from our international offices. Sia Partners Netherlands employs approximately 55 consultants.

Technology Innovation Institute

Research Institute based in Abu Dhabi and focusing on technology research such as Quantum, Autonomous Robotics, Cryptography, Advanced Materials, Digital Science, Directed Energy and Secure Systems.

CS Advanced Technology

CS Advanced Technology is a young media technology start-up company that makes impactful changes in the Out of Home media, energy, mobilty and e-commerce markets.

Hyperion Lab

Powered by NVIDIA and EscherCloud, Hyperion Lab is an innovative space bringing together a vibrant ecosystem to accelerate green AI and HPC. Hyperion Lab provides a dynamic, physical space with NVIDIA and EscherCloud hardware and expertise to support European and local Dutch AI and HPC startups.


Elsevier works with ADS on projects focusing on deep learning, adaptive and interactive search engines, and semantic technologies – with the aim of helping ensure researchers get the most out of existing research information.

In October 2018, the ADS network and Elsevier launched an joint lab at the Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI), a space for researchers from both academia and industry to collaborate and share insights.


UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) is an autonomous administrative authority (ZBO) and is commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) to implement employee insurances and provide labour market and data services.

UWV stands for optimal performance of its tasks in the area of employment, reintegration, temporary income and data management. We always have the client's interest in mind in doing so. ‘We offer people new prospects of participating in work and society' - that is what we promise our clients and society.

Amsterdam Data Collective

We are Amsterdam Data Collective. Together we realise the potential of data for a better future. Using data science to make a positive impact is what drives us. We initiate and contribute to the successful completion of the most impactful data science initiatives across the globe. We bridge the gap between strategy and data science. But data only becomes valuable when clients dare to let it shape their business. And trust us to join them on that journey.

Data-driven organisations are efficient and confident. Their leadership teams can anticipate change based on reliable, relevant and timely insights. It takes relentless focus, the right expertise and an educated workforce to become a data-driven organisation. Most organisations find they can’t achieve this on their own. As a full-stack data-science agency we can help them overcome these challenges. To help our clients succeed, we attract people with a strong sense of ownership and develop them to become the brightest minds in business, technology and analytics.

Triply B.V.

Triply seeks to transform the current information landscape: from traditional data silos to integrated knowledge graphs. We are 19 people working to develop TriplyDB and related packages, and implementing the software within our customers' organisations. Our mission: making linked data the new normal!


Have you ever wondered what happens to all those research papers produced at universities over the years? And how to make sure that R&D teams don't reinvent the wheel? At Findest we did too! This is why we created IGOR^AI, our AI-powered search engine that finds innovations quickly from millions of scientific publications, patents & web pages. Companies like ASML, Heineken and BMW use IGOR^AI to innovate faster.


OPT/NET B.V. is a Dutch startup that builds comprehensive AI products based on decades of hardcore critical industry experience. Having served and protected the networks of clients all over the globe, the OPT/NET has developed a series of advanced AI products capable of dealing with an ever-increasing volume of data and complexity. Initially serving as a tool for our own telecom consulting practice, the OPT/NET AI engine has grown into a series of stand-alone platforms with unlimited potential across a variety of critical and data-intensive industries.

Wave Stone

In a world where knowing how to drive transformation is the key to success, Wavestone's mission is to inform and guide large companies and organizations in their most critical transformations, with the ambition of a positive outcome for all stakeholders. That's what we call "The Positive Way”.

Wavestone draws on more than 3,300 employees across 8 countries. It is a leading independent player in the European consulting market. For more information, visit

As a Wavestone Luxembourg team member, you will be constantly engaged with projects and opportunities that will develop your skills and advance your career. Wavestone hires the brightest, most creative, and most dedicated candidates and develops them into confident and knowledgeable leaders and business experts. Our collaborative culture ensures that from day one, you will become an integral member of not only the Wavestone Luxembourg team, but also Wavestone on a global scale.

At Wavestone, we live by four key values – Audacity (being bold in the face of challenge and not being afraid to speak out and think outside the box), Passion (enjoying what you do and displaying an enduring commitment to reaching the best outcome), Exemplary Behaviour (going above and beyond and being a role model for others) and Team Spirit (working collaboratively and understanding that the team is greater than the sum of its parts).


Vlammrs is the young, data-curious subsidiary within the Ormit Talent Group. With our mix of senior data experts and Young Data Science Professionals, we help companies uncover the potential of data for their organization. We then assist them on a technical level and with soft-skills so that they can go on to harness this potential. We can also satisfy your resource needs. Do you need Young Data Science Professionals to work on a project-by-project basis? We can help you with that, too. Our young professionals are ready and waiting to help you implement your business transformations with their development-focused, fresh perspective and positive energy. They always go the extra mile!

Combining talent and expertise, Ormit Talent & ORTEC: The two initiators behind Vlammrs, Ormit Talent and ORTEC, are a perfect match. Ormit Talent has been the leading specialist in the development of talented professionals for more than 25 years. By giving organizations access to carefully selected candidates, Ormit Talent creates more successful people and companies through personal leadership. Add to that ORTEC’s aptitude for data, and it is easy to see why they generate such an impact. This partnership works because ORTEC has more than 40 years of experience in providing data-driven support for decision-making processes. This is what led to Vlammrs’ slogan: Empowering data & people. Because that is exactly what we do.

Data knowledge + soft skills: Vlammrs’ objective is to offer enthusiastic young individuals a unique opportunity to lay the foundations for a successful career as a data science professional. The data-driven approach opens up new opportunities, but also requires a different methodology, mindset, and knowledge. Successful data projects therefore do not just depend on data and analytical knowledge – you also need to have the right set of soft skills. And we offer that combination. Vlammrs sets itself apart by providing talented young professionals with twice the support – technical support from ORTEC and support with personal leadership and soft skills from Ormit Talent, which has decades of experience in the field.


We started out as a group of dynamic and passionate individuals who share a vision to democratize the use of data through AI, machine learning and data science to make it accessible for everyone. Together with our clients including Coca-Cola, Heineken and Unilever, we've been on a journey to unlock valuable customer insights to transform their businesses more exponentially. To do this, we generate customised AI-based customer insights on a dashboard to solve their sales and marketing problems. With a little over 60 employees, Dashmote has ambitious plans in the upcoming years and we're growing really fast. Want to grow your career and be at the forefront of innovations to unlock the potential of AI? Then we're looking for you! From tech and commercial professionals to recent graduates, we have a range of open positions across our global offices. Ready to make an impact from day one? Take a look at our vacancies!

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