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3SC Analytics

3SC Analytics BV is a tech startup by supply chain professionals from India and Europe. We offer comprehensive and customised solutions to complex problems in supply chain planning. Our products and services use advanced technology like Machine learning , Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning. We offer both Software as a Service (SaaS) and Analytics as a Service (AaaS), to design and build a sustainable model, giving real time insights into customer needs. 


Celonis, founded in 2011, is the leader in the Execution Management System (EMS) that helps companies unlock capacity to maximize business performance. Powered by their market-leading process mining core, the EMS helps companies manage every facet of business execution: analytics, strategy, management, action, and automation. Celonis has thousands of customers around the world, including ABB, Bosch, Coca Cola, Citibank, Dell, GSK, L’Oréal, Siemens, Uber, and Vodafone. Our over 1,100 Celonauts work in over 15 offices around the globe.  


Cloudflight brings together more than 400 visonary digital strategists, experienced software architects, leading data scientists and cloud engineers in 17 locations throughout the world. Together they help their customers to design, build and operate scalable platforms and applications to grow their customer's digital business.

European Leadership University

European Leadership University (ELU) is a next generation university that equips professionals with job-ready skills and university credentials. With our employability hub in Amsterdam, we aim to bridge the gap between talent and employers in the tech field.


Heineken is the world's most international brewer. It is the leading developer and marketer of premium beer and cider brands. Led by the Heineken® brand, the Group has a portfolio of more than 300 international, regional, local and speciality beers and ciders. The company is committed to innovation, long-term brand investment, disciplined sales execution and focused cost management. Heineken has a well-balanced geographic footprint with leadership positions in both developed and developing markets. They employ over 80,000 employees and operate breweries, malteries, cider plants and other production facilities in more than 70 countries.


KPN is a supplier of telecommunication and ICT services and offers consumers fixed and mobile telephony, internet and television. KPN provides complete telecommunication and ICT solutions for business customers and offers wholesale network services to other operators worldwide.

MonetDB Solutions

MonetDB Solutions is a technical consulting company, specialising in database technologies for Business Intelligence, Analytics and Big Data. The company is established in 2013 by the founders of the world’s most mature and widespread open-source column-store database management system MonetDB. MonetDB Solutions combines world-leading researchers and engineers to support its customers and user base with technical consultancy, training,turn-key enhancements, performance analysis and custom-made solutions.

Rijk Zwaan

Rijk Zwaan is a vegetable breeding company. We strive to produce the highest quality seeds and continuously invest in research and development. This results in a healthy company. Rijk Zwaan is one of the top 4 companies in the global vegetable seed market. We are aware of the responsibility that our position involves. Together with our partners, we want to actively contribute to the world's food supply and stimulate vegetable consumption.


Utelly offers a Content Discovery SaaS solution for the Media and Entertainment industry. With search and recommendation APIs, cloud ETL and AI/ML enrichers, Utelly combines user and program data to help Clients deliver better ways for consumers to find what to watch on TV and on VOD.

Amsterdam Data Collective

Amsterdam Data Collective helps clients develop the best data-driven solutions. The business exists to help organisations realise the potential of data science. And they develop state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithms to achieve this purpose. But an algorithm alone does not realise any tangible gains. So the company also takes care of operationalisation and monetisation.


Atradius offers numerous services worldwide from credit insurance to collection. With more than 160 offices in 50 countries, Atradius has access to credit information on 200 million companies worldwide. Atradius products help companies around the world to hedge against payment risks associated with selling products and services on credit.


Findest enables you to work with technology scouts and IGOR^AI to find technologies for R&D-challenges. Technology scouting in five steps: in the technology scouting service you collaborate with the Findest technology scouts to find technologies in just two weeks.

Gemeente Amsterdam

Working for Amsterdam is working for the most beautiful city in the world. Consider, for example, the rich history, the role that Amsterdam plays internationally and all events such as Sail, Pride and King's Day. At the City of Amsterdam, they work on challenging projects every day. Each area of the municipality's work, from social affairs, services and information to space and economy, has its own challenges. As an employee, you will be faced with many different interests that regularly clash. Every day you look for solutions that fit the needs of residents, entrepreneurs and visitors. That sometimes makes work difficult, but it is what characterizes working for this city. 


ING is a global bank, with a growing international team of data scientists, data engineers modeling- and AI/ML experts, collaborating with academic and business partners, to define and build data-driven products and services, with and for the targeted client.


Machine2Learn is an artificial intelligence solution provider based in Amsterdam. Its international team of experts is specialised in machine learning and deep learning solutions. As a spin-off of Radboud University Nijmegen, Machine2Learn employs robust scientific knowledge to provide end-to-end solutions for innovative organisations. The target group is industry, medical sector and services. Current projects include visual inspection, causal discovery, predictive maintenance, smart sensors and medical diagnostics.


Odd.Bot is the creator of an alternative solution for manual and chemical weeding. The company has developed the 'Weed Whacker'. This is an intelligent mechanical in-row weed robot that can detect and distinguish weeds from crops and eliminate weeds autonomously. The solution can be used through the 'Robot-as-a-Service' offering and can be hired to clean fields.


TAPP delivers clear and actionable insights in diverse sell-out data of the out of home market. This way we help brands and horeca owners to grow their business. Connecting any cash register at any outlet, we have insights in every consumption, every brand, any location, at any minute. Our insights enable brands and horeca owners to become data driven and make confident decision. With out insights in both the entire out of home market and individual outlets, we give brands and horeca owners the tools to stay ahead of the competition.


VodafoneZiggo is the result of two strong Dutch companies joining forces, combining the customer base, networks and the data. Since January 2017, they have formed a powerful combination in The Netherlands. As a community provider, they offer their clients the best in entertainment, mobile telephony, fixed-line telephony, and internet.